Once again, we continue our series of helping to get you more acquainted with the team behind the Blaffer renovation.*

We begin this post by introducing Chaz Worthington, the interior designer for the project. Chaz grew up in Santa Monica, California and went to college at University of California, Berkeley. After a short stint working for a large firm in Los Angeles, Chaz packed up his belongings and moved to New York to start his own business.

Chaz considers himself an expert on color palettes and takes pride in his ability to decorate his interiors with a selection of hues that many of his contemporaries consider too risqué. He is also well-connected with the New York art scene, and gallerists are known to give him deep discounts when shopping for his clients. Chaz earned national prestige in 2010 when he was selected by Dwell magazine as the “most influential interior designer.”

Chaz Worthington shows off one of his most recent projects.

When not perusing catalogs for drapery, carpets, and furniture, Chaz loves sipping martinis at the hottest nightclubs and eating sushi at posh restaurants in the ultra-chic, new “DoWiSeTrePla”district of New York City. Chaz also enjoys tanning, traveling to Paris, and coffee breaks at Starbucks.

Landscape Architect Vicki Apfelbaum has been tasked with planning the new Fine Arts Courtyard. Vicki grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, and went to school down the road at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where she earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Vicki’s office is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she is also a faculty member at Colorado State University.

Vicki Apfelbaum loves getting her hands dirty. She is excited to be charged with sprucing up the Fine Arts Courtyard.

IIn her work, Vicki is particularly concerned with concepts of sustainability. When interviewed for Horticulture magazine about the Blaffer renovation, Vicked stated her vision for the Fine Arts Courtyard:

“The Oak tree in the center is beautiful, but it must go. Besides shade, what else does it offer to the student body? In my designs, I have planned for the planting of a small grove of orange trees. When the cafe opens in the museum, students can pick oranges, take them inside, and ask the baristas to make freshly squeezed orange juice.”

Citing numerous health violations, Head Contractor Swen Sabella quickly turned that idea down.

Vicki and Chaz debate interior and exterior color schemes.

Lead Architect Britta Bright asked Vicki and Chaz to define a similar palette for both the interior and the exterior. Vicki’s exterior design is a warm palette replete with earthtones, including oak benches and tables among the atrium of red brick. Conversely, Chaz is insisting upon on “more lively palette” of magenta, teal, and lime green. Luckily, they still have some time to come to an agreement before final decisions on such matters have to be made.

*Once again, these “Meet the Team” posts are entirely fictional. If you are subscribed to text-only updates from this blog, it would behoove you to see the web version that displays ridiculous pictures in conjunction with the text.